CPCPGS4023B Install, Commission and Service Type B Gas Appliances (except in SA)

Course Code: CPCPGS4023B

Course Cost: $2,950.00

Week 1: Monday 26th – Friday 30th October

Week 2: Monday 9th – Friday 13th November

Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Course Overview

This course provides the knowledge and skills to work in a career as an Industrial gasfitter installing, commissioning, and servicing/maintaining Industrial Type B gas appliances. A Type B gas appliance can range from a small hobby pottery kiln to a large steam boiler or gas fired turbine used for power generation. Typically Type B gas appliances include gas fired hot water boilers, steam boilers, baking ovens, spray booths and industrial heating and process appliances to name a few.

Course structure

Two (2) weeks consisting of Five (5) day blocks (total 80 hours classroom) with pre-learning. The course provides a mix of theoretical and practical content with assessment requirements.

Pre-requisites (Except in South Australia)

Before satisfying this unit, the candidate requires a restricted electrical license or equivalent to connect and disconnect appliances with the requirements in accordance with the requirements of the particular state or territory.

What Skills Will You Gain?

The skills and knowledge to install, test, adjust, commission and service. This includes:

  • Measuring and adjusting air and fuel flow rates and pressures.
  • Analysis of combustion samples.
  • Calculating pre-purge times, start gas and ventilation requirements.
  • Fault finding and rectification on breakdowns etc.
  • Understand the legislative requirements and documentation for compliance.

Resource Requirements

Australian Standards are required for this course.

  • AS1375 – 2013 Industrial Fuel Fired Appliances
  • AS/NZ5601 – 2013 Gas Installations
  • AS3814 – 2018 Industrial and Commercial Gas Appliances


Area of opportunities exist with industrial service companies, boiler installation and maintenance companies, processing sector (e.g. metal and glass melting, cement production, gas/oil production) and power generation (gas fired engines and turbines) etc.


The courses we have on offer are Accredited courses delivered by TasTAFE in conjunction with Gastrain.


CITB Training Subsidies available for Construction Workers when completing the Install Commission and Service Type B Gas Appliance course.

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) provides access to subsidised training making it more accessible and affordable to South Australian Building and Construction Industry members.

To receive the CITB training subsidy you will need a valid CITB number. To apply for a CITB ID Number please visit www.citb.org.au and follow the link on the homepage.

Please note that the CITB makes the decision as to who will be approved. Gastrain has no jurisdiction in this matter.

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